NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne

Short term accommodation or STA is an NDIS service that provides flexible and temporary housing solutions to people with disabilities. This support is designed to meet the immediate needs of individuals for brief durations. Moreover, it caters to various situations, such as emergency accommodation, respite care, or transitional periods where individuals may require temporary housing and support.

NDIS participants can receive accommodation, meals, and assistance with daily living tasks during their stay at STA. At Empress Support Services, we focus on providing a safe and supportive environment to our clients in the Melbourne. Whether it’s individuals with disabilities, those experiencing crises, or participants in need of temporary respite, we can help! We understand that Short term accommodation services play a vital role in relief to individuals and their primary caregivers. Our support workers ensure that they have access to a secure and comfortable living arrangement during such challenging circumstances.

What is Short Term Accommodation?

NDIS Short term accommodation is a temporary stay for eligible participants. This support is especially beneficial in case of emergency or relief to primary caregivers who care for people with significant disability. If a family member needs a break or additional help, STA comes to the rescue. This service provides temporary housing solutions for people with disabilities. That way, they get a supportive and accessible environment. Our team at Empress Support Services is committed to facilitating a seamless transition for our NDIS clients.

Who can Access Our NDIS Short Term Accommodation (STA)?

STA accommodations are accessible to NDIS participants who meet the eligibility criteria for the same. It is essential to note that STA is not designed for housing crises, but it focuses on enhancing your support in connection with your disability. If you find yourself in a crisis, such as sudden caregiver unavailability or facing harm in your current home, STA may be a viable solution. We are here to help you determine the best options to meet your disability support needs.

We may consider funding STA if:

  • Your family or informal support can’t support you for an extended period.
  • There is a likelihood that you may not require as much support in the future.
  • It aids in maintaining functional capacity, increasing independence, and facilitating engagement in various activities.

However, we would not fund STA for:

  • Long-term accommodation, as this falls under day-to-day living costs.
  • Accommodation for reasons unrelated to your disability, such as waiting for home modifications.

Benefits of Short Term Accommodation

STA by NDIS is accessible to a diverse range of people with disabilities to ensure that each person receives the support they need. Our Short term accommodation covers a spectrum of benefits. Individuals who choose our services can experience a supportive community environment. They can engage in skill-building activities and access tailored support services that enhance their overall well-being. Our support workers create a positive and enriching experience for our NDIS clients.

Empress Support Services is amongst the most reputed NDIS Short term accommodation providers. We aim to redefine the standards of care by providing quality accommodation services. Moreover, we prioritise comfort, inclusivity, and personalised support for every participant. Contact our team to learn more about our services – you can call us on 0413 754 441 / 03 8899 9168 or email us at info@empress.org.au.

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