Helping you for an NDIS plan

Easy Read – Planning with you

Your voice is the Essential

tell us about

Please tell us about your needs and requirements.


Your Support Plan is designed with you at the centre of all actions.

Our staff will look at your current NDIS Plan funding to ensure that we have the services you need.


To create your plan, we may need to talk to your family, health providers and others (with your permission)


We will consult with you about many supports such as:

  • Living skill development
  • Your interests, leisure and community group involvement
  • Travelling and transport needs

We will consult about:

  • Family relationships
  • Cultural requirements, e.g. food,
  • Spiritual Identity – religious needs
  • Communication methods

Your safety is checked:

  • Physical environment
  • Personal emergency plan

We look for risks so we can get rid of or reduce them


We will create risk strategies and train our staff in these

Your Support Plan is reviewed every year

If your needs change, then we will review your plan earlier

You will need to sign your Support Plan

We will provide you with a copy of the Support Plan


Your health needs are assessed:

  • Medical needs
  • General health requirements
  • High-intensity requirements
  • Allied health services
  • Comprehensive health
  • Vaccination support
  • Oral health